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Bed Steps

Truck bed steps are individual steps that give you a strong and easy-to-use step up into your truck bed. Styles include side steps, tailgate steps, and hitch steps. They can remain stationary or be kicked out or down. Made from aluminum or steel, these steps resist the elements and provide a non-slip surface.

Side Steps 

Side steps mount to the rear side of the vehicle and allow for access to the truck bed from the side of the truck. Some steps kick out from the side for easy access and lock in position under the truck when driving. Other steps simply push down and up for operation.

Bumper Steps

Bumper or tailgate steps work in much the same way as side steps, but are meant to be mounted and accessed at the bumper. They mount to the vehicle’s frame to provide hundreds of pounds of support.

Hitch Steps

Hitch steps mount to your vehicle's trailer hitch. Secure them in place and leave them there, or remove them when not needed and keep them in the truck for next time. Hitch steps come in a variety of sizes, step widths, and styles, all with non-slip grip pads or tread plates for secure footing in any condition. Some hitch steps are fitted with LED lights and reflectors for higher visibility, both for you and other drivers.

With a truck bed step, you won't have to wade through or unload cargo awkwardly, find something to stand on, or risk damaging the finish on your truck. When you want to reach the cargo easier, consider a truck bed step. At Full Throttle Parts, we are here with you from inspiration to installation.