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No matter how you use your truck, there’s a bedcover that’s right for you. Full Throttle Parts offers the latest designs and has bedcovers easier than ever to use in a variety of different situations. So you can fold it, roll it, slide it, lift it or lock it, depending on your needs.

Types of Bedcovers

When faced with the prospect of buying a tonneau cover for your truck, take into consideration that there are several styles to choose from, all of which may or may not address your immediate concerns or needs.


  • Roll-Up: Inexpensive and easy to remove, the roll-up variety offers only a small amount of security. However, it is mostly beneficial as a way to keep your gear from flying out of your truck on the highway. Roll-up covers take up the least amount of space and install on the top of the bed rails.

  • Tri-Fold: They are available in soft- or hard-top formats. A tri-fold cover typically latches down from the insides and relies on your tailgate’s lock to deny anyone access to your bed. These are lightweight (especially soft-top versions) and easily foldable if oversized equipment needs a ride.

  • Retractable: Mounting usually to the undersides of your bed rails or coming with its own pair of rails that attaches to your truck. The retractable cover works like an accordion and folds up (some roll) onto itself as you slide it open on the track. They usually come with locks but sometimes rely on your tailgate. They offer quicker access to your truck bed.

  • Hinged: One of the more popular (and traditional) types of bed covers, the hinged cover is just that: a single-piece bed cap, usually made of fiberglass to save weight, that hinges up when opened. They offer individual locks - sometimes one on each side. They are typically the most expensive bedcover style.