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Bug Deflectors

Why should you get a bug deflector? The simple reason is you spent a lot of money on your vehicle and want to protect it. Nothing feels worse than getting that first ding in the door or chip in the hood. Lots of things can cause paint damage to the front of your truck, especially the hood.

Here are Full Throttle Parts' top reasons to put a bug deflector on your truck or SUV:

1. Bug deflectors block pebbles and small rocks, and other road debris from pelting the front of your hood when thrown by tires of other vehicle while driving on the highway.

2. Bug shields divert air over your cab and minimize the number of bugs and small debris that hit your windshield. Keeping your windshield more visable and less use on wiperblades and fluid.  

3. Once the paint is chipped, you now have the potential for rust, not to mention it looks like someone took a BB gun to your hood.

Bug deflectors offered by Full Throttle Parts are high quality brands and car wash safe. Most wrap around the front corners of the vehicle to protect the front of the fenders as well. Depending on the design you choose, most redirect the air flow upward to direct small pebbles, bugs, etc. up and over the cab (hence the name “bug deflector”). This protects both your hood and windshield from expensive dings, thus making bug deflectors a very cost effective product.