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Floor Mats


Floor mats serve to protect the floor of your vehicle from all of the dirt and mud you track in, the food and drinks you spill, and more. They are particularly important in regions that get a lot of rain or snowfall, as the water you track in can foster the growth of harmful microorganisms in your carpeting. There are a wide variety of floor mats you can purchase for your vehicle.

All Weather Style

All Terrian Style

Clear Vinyl Style

Classic Carpet Style

What features to look for in a Floor Mat?

In addition to style and fitment, there are a few more features you’ll want to pay attention to when shopping for floor mats.

Rims and Ridges:

You’ll want to pay attention to the rims and ridges on certain floor mats, picking one that has high edges around the complete mat. Those edges will help prevent any sort of liquids from seeping into the carpet. In addition, some floor mats feature high grooves and ridges that are engineered to channel water from the backside of the pedals and away from your feet, into the catch basin.

Under the mat:

Often overlooked is the bottom of the floor mat. It’s important to check a specific floor mat’s locking system, to make sure it restricts the mat from sliding around and getting in the way of your driving. Ideally, the floor mat has a hook to lock it in place.


It may be a minor aspect, but thicker floor mats can absorb more liquids and are more comfortable on your feet. But if you’re shopping for plastic or rubber mats, look for products with deep grooves that will keep your carpets clean.

Here at Full Throttle Parts, we offer a wide variety of brands and styles of floor mats for you to choose. Stains on your carpet are never good and you’ll want to keep them clean contributing to a increased resale value. More importantly, it’ll reduce the risk of mold or bad smells forming inside the cabin.