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Grille Guards


1. Grille Guards Work Well with other Truck Accessories

A large benefit of a grille guard is that it typically does not affect other truck accessories that are already installed on your truck, such as a tow hook. Grille guards can actually help protect certain parts of your truck, such as the radiator that is typically behind the grille.

2. You Can Add Additional Lights to your Grille Guard

To further enhance the look of your vehicle, most grille guards allow users to feature additional fog, driving, and off-road auxiliary lights on your trucks front end. It’s important to check specific product descriptions to ensure this is possible (not all manufacturers offer this option). By choosing a grille guard, you may beable to bring additional lighting capabilities.

3. In Minor Accidents, a Grille Guard May Protect Your Front End

In a low-speed, low-impact crash, a grille guard or bull bar will modestly protect your front-end bumpers, lights, and grille details from damage. In some cases, a brush guard for jeeps and other vehicles can even push a sedentary object for a short distance at a low speed (though this could scratch or mark your guard’s finish). Bull bars, especially those with skid plates, can provide solid protection for a vehicle’s lower front bumper in low-speed collisions.

Please remember, however, your rig will not become a battering ram, no matter how big and bad a grille guard or bull bar makes it look.

4. Grille Guards Give Your Truck a More Rugged Look

While the primary goal of a grille guard may be to help protect your paint job from scratches and debris while off-roading, they ultimately give your truck a desirable, rugged style. There are several kinds of finishes and styles available, so you can find the perfect grill to complement your truck.