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Running Boards

Running boards are one of the best accessories you can add to your SUV or truck. A set of running boards does a whole lot more than add an aggressive look to set your vehicle apart, they are also an extremely functional exterior accessory that can make life easier for you and your passengers, protect your vehicle from damage, and even extend the life of your interior!

5 Benefits of Owning Running Boards

1.) Running Boards Provide an Easy Step Up

The main purpose of running boards is to act as a step for people getting into and out of taller vehicles. If you own an SUV or truck, you’ve no doubt had a friend, family member, or small child who needed help getting into your vehicle.

2.) Running Boards Keep Your Clothes Cleaner

Even if you don’t own an especially tall vehicle, a set of running boards can even help keep your clothes clean. Instead of reaching your foot all the way to the ground and rubbing the back of your leg on the often dirty door sill, the convenient step provided by a set of running boards protects your pant leg from dirt, salt stains, mud, and road grime that can build up on the rocker panels.

3.) Running Boards Protect Your Paint

The tire of your truck or SUV kick up a lot of small rocks and debris, and they aren’t always caught by the fender well. With a set of quality running boards in place, the gravel, stones, and other road hazards are blocked from being thrown high enough to scratch or dent your doors and rocker panels.

4.) Running Boards Keep Your Carpet Cleaner

Running boards act like a doormat. You and your passengers can scrape mud, dirt, and snow from the bottom of your shoes before you track it onto the floor mats. And because most boards feature raised traction surfaces, they capture even more debris.

5.) Running Boards Help Your Seats Last Longer

You may not have ever noticed, but if you drive a truck or SUV with higher than average ground clearance, you more than likely slide over the side bolsters of your seat when you get out. Over time, this can cause the fabric covering, the stitching, and the supporting foam to degrade to the point where the seat rips and it no longer provides the side-support needed for a comfortable ride. With a set of running boards installed you and your passengers are more likely to step down and lift out of the seat instead of sliding over the side to reach the ground, saving your seats from undue wear.