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A tool or storage box provides simple and convenient storage space to keep small objects so everything is contained. Protect valuables. While most truck toolboxes aren't as secure as bank vaults, the basic locks and latches they provide are good for general tool storage and protection.


Toolboxes are generally used to store tools. It is very handy for farmers, construction workers and even people who want to store hunting, fishing, and/or camping gear. If this doesn't include you, just remember everyone can use a toolbox to store emergency items! Designed to fit perfectly in the bed of your truck or SUV, truck toolboxes are usually vehicle specific.

What are They Made Of?

Most are made from steel or aluminum. However, plastic tool boxes are becoming increasingly popular because they are lighter and less costly to buy. 

Which should you choose?

If you need durability and longevity, opt for steel since it's the most heavy duty. If your workload is lighter, aluminum is not only lightweight, it's durable, too. If you're on a budget, plastic works for the short term. It is lighter but doesn't have the durability of aluminum or steel, but it is less expensive.

Why should you consider a truck toolbox?

One of the best reasons to consider purchasing a truck toolbox is to get better organized. You won't have to search everywhere trying to find a specific tool. That makes it a great timesaver. Toolboxes are also locked boxes, so concealing and storing valuable tools becomes more secure. You'll also find truck toolboxes that have accessories like shelves and rolling drawers. That makes organization a snap. You'll know exactly where you've stored each tool.

For large, unwieldy tools, opt for a single large compartment toolbox rather than one that is partitioned. What's more, truck tool boxes are securely bolted to your truck. No one is going to make off with it!

Finally, tools are expensive. Made from metal, they are vulnerable to the elements. Storing them away from the damaging effects of mother nature extends their life.